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But even paradise must have rules.

—Mary Oliver, ‘Flow’


This is an editing service for those who wish to make their writing shine. If you have crafted a memoir and would like to bring it to publishable standard, you have come to the right place. If you hope to submit a collection of poems to a journal, lay down the bones of a cook book, draft a difficult letter or tweak the flow of your essay, you have come to the right place. If you are writing stories, pamphlets, educational tools, articles, reports and grant applications, and you want them to glow with clarity and power, you have arrived. Welcome.

And the rules of paradise?  Katia will not twist your voice, but encourage you to find it. She will not write for you, but might suggest a crisper, cleaner expression. Not unlike The Wolf in Pulp Fiction, she will come to your enterprise, rearrange the interior, mend what is broken, discreetly dispose of unwanted matter and leave you to appreciate the glory of your work. For, in the end, this is your work and the mending must be invisible.