Katia is one of the best editors I've worked with. Editing a collection with many different authors is challenging at the best of times, but Katia brought such skill and intelligence to the project of Mothermorphosis that she made the job seem easy. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Monica Dux, author and journalist


Katia is an editor of remarkable insight and sensitivity. Her forensic eye for detail is matched with a poetic feel for language and for the architecture of narrative. She isn’t afraid to challenge a writer and is always a pleasure to work with.

— Julie Szego, author of The Tainted Trial of Farah Jama


Katia Ariel is nothing short of brilliant at what she does. Professional, clear, with attention to detail and a razor sharp mind, I honestly could not have completed my manuscript without her help. I think the thing that impressed me most was her communication skills, both within the manuscript and with me and my co-authors, about deadlines, expectations and the limitations of what she could realistically do. I really can not speak highly enough of the service Katia provides, and will seek out her services again in a heartbeat!

— Tanya King, co-author of At Home on the Waves: Human Habitation of the Sea, from the Mesolithic to Today


I was privileged to work closely with Katia Ariel on my second collection of poems, Vishvarupa. Her editorial assistance was nuanced and sophisticated: she had a sense of the book as a whole, from strained emotional textures right down to semi-colons, ampersands and grammar, offering fresh insights into how these elements connected visually and semantically with lyric content. She also understands the perspective of a reader and the possibilities of linguistic variations. She is professional, deep in her approach, astute but respectful of the writer’s relationship to their manuscript. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a literary editor of exceptional skill.

Michelle Cahill, author of Vishvarupa


Katia Ariel was recommended to me by an Australian publisher as one of the finest freelance fiction editors Australia possessed. This was high praise indeed—and praise, I was to learn from experience, based on fact. Katia took my manuscript, Dyandi (Melbourne Books, 2014), at a relatively advanced stage, checked it for the usual: story structure, repetition, grammar, punctuation, prose etc., but then provided much more. She quizzed me about my real meaning on several critical occasions, making me defend myself to imagined future readers; she always provided me with honest, astute and humane criticism; and she helped me give the book and its characters an even greater depth of humility and purpose. Without her intervention, I do not believe my work would have been published. And even more importantly, from Katia I learned a good deal more about writing fiction.

— Timothy Doyle, author of Dyandi


I was fortunate to have my publisher engage Katia Ariel as the editor of my book The Anzacs: 100 Years On. Katia and I had a very enjoyable professional connection, in which she manifested her belief that the author's aims and directions must be respected at all times, with the experienced scrutiny and overview of the editor enhancing the final outcome. I am indeed grateful.

Ted Egan, AO, author of The Anzacs: 100 Years On in Story and Song


I asked Katia to edit my essay on the topic of writing about family.  She is a truly gifted editor, an exceptionally perceptive and responsive reader of text who is able to articulate her responses with eloquence, sensitivity and respect for the integrity of the work. The changes she suggested took my writing to a whole new level, from a good piece of writing to a deeper, more powerful work. Katia pushed me with probing questions that took me much deeper into my own themes and well beyond the confines of the original essay. It has been a joy and a privilege to work with Katia.

— Gaylene Carbis, poet, playwright, author of ‘My Brave Honest Writing Life’


Katia was a delight to work with. Her insightful hand in the editing of my manuscript contributed to a published book that I am extremely proud of. She found the right balance of amendment advice whilst maintaining the integrity of my voice throughout, which is crucial to any author. It was my privilege to work with her.

— Cheryl Koenig, author of With Just One Suitcase


I engaged Katia to help me polish up a memoir I was working on. In addition to her excellent editing skills, she brought great insight and sensitivity to my work. She really got under the skin of my writing, supporting and encouraging me to have the courage to go deeper and to go for gold.  Objective and yet very tuned in to what I wanted to achieve, she offered a professional yet personal service, and I was very happy with the result.

— Charlotte Francis, freelance writer and journalist, author of Slowing Down in the Fast Lane

I have finally found my ideal editor and I am not leaving.

— Jill Margo, journalist and author of Frank Lowy: A Second Life

Katia brought her laserbeam intelligence and sensitivity to my manuscript and I'm so grateful for her input. She helped me make order of chaos, she suggested ways to enhance and enrich the stories I was telling and she carefully edited out that which did not serve. She is generous, creative, intuitive and down to earth. My book really took shape with her input. I would HIGHLY recommend her for your book! 

— Elise Bialylew, author of The Happiness Plan

Katia is an excellent guide and navigator to anyone who wants to write a book. I felt I was being steered through the process by someone with lots of empathy as well as technical knowledge. She made the pathway so much clearer.

— Richard Lawton, master voice and presentation coach, author of Raise Your Voice